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Sony HDR-SR10

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Sony HDR-SR10
Picture ?
Manufacturer Sony Informationen zu Sony

Name HDR-SR10
European name ?HDR-SR10E
US name ?HDR-SR10
lowest US price  
On the market since March 2008
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[ top ]Sony HDR-SR10
slashCAM rating ?Good
test picture 1200 Lux
Test image 12 lux auto-mode

[ top ]Sony HDR-SR10
Video formats ? AVCHD
Recording Medium Built-in hard disk
Memory Stick PRO Duo
video resolutions EU ?AVCHD 1440 x 1080/50i
MPEG2 720 x756/50i
AVCHD 1920 x 1080/50i
video resolutions US ?AVCHD 1920 x 1080/60i
AVCHD 1440 x 1080/60i
MPEG2 720 x 480/60i
Max Bitrate ?16 Mbit/s
Compression format ? MPEG2
on-board memory ?40 GB
Optics Manufacturer ?Carl Zeiss
Optical Zoom ?15 x
Wide Angle 16:9 ?40 mm
Filter diameter ?30 mm
Image Stabilization ?optical
ND Filter ?No
Exchangable optics ?No
Image Sensor
Number of sensors ?1
Size of image sensor ?1/5 inch
image sensor effective pixel count 16:9 ?1490000 Pixel
Image Sensor Type ? CMOS
White Balance ?auto
Focus ?auto
Minimum shutter time ?1/800
Maximum shutter time ?1/2
Apperture control ?auto
Infrared recording ?Yes
Expanded Focus ?No
Peaking ?No
Signal Processing
Zebra ? Off
Histogram ?No
adjustable sharpness ?No
Adjustable color ?No
Cinegamma ?No
Black Strech ?No
Knee ?No
Colorbars ?No
Shot Transition ?No
Custom Presets ?No
Set Time Code ?No

[ top ]Sony HDR-SR10
synonymous: RCA, composite
YC ?
synonymous: S-Video
synonymous: Component Signal
HDMI ? Out
DV / HDV (FireWire) ?
synonymous: ILink / IEEE-1394
USB ?USB 2.0
Microphone / Audio input ?No
Headphones ?No
Lanc ?No
Time-code interface ?No
Genlock ?No
Accessory shoe ? AI
Weight (without battery) 480 g
Weight (with battery) 560 g
Battery type Sony NP-FH60
Battery capacity 1000 mAh
Charger ?internal
Remote control Yes
Height 76 mm
Width 81 mm
Depth 129 mm
Relative Size ?7
Viewfinder available ?No
Color Viewfinder ?-
Viewfinder format ?-
Viewfinder pixels ? 
Display available ?Yes
Color display ?Color
Display size 2,7 Inch
Display format ?16:9
Display pixels ?211200 Pixel
Touch Screen ?Yes
External controls
Manual Zoom ? 
Manual Focus ?Menu
Manual Aperture ?Menu
Focus switcher ?No
ND Filter ?No
Exp Lock ?No
Gain ?No
White balance ?No
Push AF ?No
Audio Levels ?No
Custom Keys ?
synonymous: User buttons

[ top ]Sony HDR-SR10
Audio Formats ?AC-3 Dolby Digital 5.1 640 kbit max.
Microphone ?5.1 Internal
Audio Control ?auto
Audio levels ?Screen

[ top ]Sony HDR-SR10
Recording Medium ?Memory Stick Duo
Medium included ?No
Effective pixels ?1990000 Pixel
Resolutions ?2304x1728
Standard ?JPEG Exif 2.2
Flash ?Yes

[ top ]Sony HDR-SR10
Product Shots

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Test results

Test pictures
[ top ]Sony HDR-SR10
luminance resolution
chrominance resolution
lens distortion
test small ISO image
noise / internal microphone
test picture 1200 Lux
Test image 12 lux auto-mode ?
Test image 12 lux optimized ? 
Manufacturers URL Website Sony
slashCAM rating
Lowlight ?Satisfactory
Resolution ?Good
Color performance ?Good
subj.Picture impression ?Very good
Optical Zoom ?Satisfactory
Wide Angle ?Sufficient
Configuration / image ?Satisfactory
Configuration / sound ?Sufficient
Handling ?Satisfactory
Portability ?Very good
Photo function ?Satisfactory
Optics ?Good
Dynamics ?Good
Conclusion slashCAM
slashCAM rating ?Good
Total score ?
(maximal 570)
Pros + very sharp under good lighting
Cons - lowlight
- no manual aperture control
Conclusion Compared to the SR11 this cheaper modell has a smaller hard disk, no control ring, a less sharp display, no view-finder a a smaller image sensor resulting in worse lowlight pictures.Many users will prefer paying additional 300 EuroMovie makers will look for manual aperture-control - which is only to be found in competing models.Holiday videomakers who trust automatic controls and don´t want to shoot in the dark will be satistied with good image quality for a good price.
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